“I just wanted to thank the women working in the Kissimmee office for doing their job so well. It was a relief to have a calming voice and help thru a difficult mess that I got myself into. A special thanks to Melinda.”

– Jackie, Saint Cloud

“I can’t thank you enough for making me feel better about a bad situation. I greatly appreciated your advice concerning my case. All your staff are very experienced and respectful. They know how to handle people that are in a stressful situation.I want to also thank you for educating me on the bail bond process as well as the jail system.”

– Tom, Kissimmee

“I’ve never had to bail anyone out of jail before. MacDonald Bail Bonds explained every step of the process and made me feel comfortable.”

– Cindy, Kissimmee

“Unfortunately I’ve been in and out of the sytem for a while and have dealt with many bail bondsmen. I can definitely say, MacDonald Bail Bonds is great to work with. They know the system and keep you informed through the whole process, and get you out fast.”

– Robert, Orlando

“My family and I went through a very bad time. I found MacDonald Bail Bonds online and gave them a call. I can honestly say that they were there to comfort and support us through our emotional state, along with walking us through the process. They made me feel very confident and comfortable.”

– Susan, Saint Cloud

“My son was locked up for DUI. A friend of mine told me to call MacDonald Bail Bonds. They were very professional and made me comfortable through the entire process. Hopefully I will never need to make bail again; but if I do, they will be called again.”

– Walter, Kissimmee

“I can telll you first hand that Bail is never a fun experience. Anxiety and fear takes over and it takes a professional staff to comfort you and guide you through the legal process. I highly recommend MacDonald Bail Bonds to anyone that may be caught up in the legal system and is looking to bail out with a bond.”

– Joe, Poinciana


We provide our clients with a full range of bail services in a timely, courteous and confidential manner. We are committed to transacting business with our clients, our fellow bondsmen, law enforcement and judicial counterparts in adherence with the highest moral and ethical standards.

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